What boards are know to be compatible with the the Class-E™ 211 Mini-ITX enclosure?

There are several board + hard drive combinations that have been successfully used with the enclosure:

Motherboard CPU PSU Hard Drive Certifications Comment
Retail boards
Asus AT3IONT-I (non-deluxe version) Intel Atom 330 PicoPSU-120 WD10EURS  - "deluxe" version of the board is incompatible !!!
MSI MS-7698 (E350IA-E45 and E350IS-E45) AMD APU E-350 PicoPSU-120 WD10EURS  - Require additional P4-ATX lead
Industrial boards
Advantech AIMB-223 AMD APU G-Series None WD20EURS Certification Marks  
Advantech AIMB-214 Intel Atom 2700 None WD20EURS  -