IR Receiver Board

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The IR receiver board was designed in collaboration with Home Electronics - Toronto based company who is the original designer of IRA/TIRA line of IR receivers. The receiver is compatible with 95% remote controls on the market and it connects to the main board with a standard 4-pin USB connector. The receiver implements HID (Human Interface Device) interface and majority of operating systems already include driver for it in their standard configuration. Here are connectivity options for different operating systems:


The following applications are known to work well with our IR receiver:

We will update this list as more information becomes available.


Most of the modern Linux distribution support HID devices out of the box. Once the the board is connected it should become visible under /dev/hidraw*. These kernel parameters enadle "hidraw" support:


Once remote control key is pressed, the receiver will publish remote key ID on /dev/hidraw* device as 64-bit integer number. The easiest way to check remote control codes is with hexdump command like so:

# hexdump -C /dev/hidraw*

We have a sample application written in C/glib that can read IR-codes from the hidraw device and publish them via ZMQ socket. We are cleaning up the code at the moment and we will make this application available on Github under a free license shortly.


Please Contact Us if you need these board for testing with your application or as a replacement.