What voltage does the power supply provide?

The 65W power supply provides single 12V/5A output. The power lead is equipped with ATX12V 4-pin connector (also known as P4-ATX connector). This is perfect setup for industrial mini-ITX boards but many retail boards are equipped with ATX-20/24 connector and you will need to use a DC/DC convertor (see this question).

The PSU is rated at 65W at normal conditions but it can only deliver 40W at 65C, please keep this in mind when building your product. The PSU is equipped with hickup mode protection, meaning it will turn off its output if power threshold is exceeded and then turn itself back on automatically.

My board only has an ATX power connector, what are my options?

Most of the retail Mini-ITX boards and some of the industrial ones come equipped with 20- or 24-pin ATX power connectors. The solution for this is to use a DC-DC convertor like Pico-PSU from http://www.mini-box.com/.

Note though, that DC/DC convertors are power rated for combined output of all voltages and depending on your bord/CPU combination you may need to go with higher rated one. Here is an example. We build a demo system on MSI MS-7698 (E350IA-E45) board and measured power consumption of the board at full load. It was around 28W. However, this board refused to boot up with PicoPSU-90 rated at 90W and we opted for PicoPSU-120 rated at 120W!!! to make it work reliably.

What Mini-ITX boards can I use with Class-E™ 211 enclosure?

The enclosure supports all standard Mini-ITX boards however, it works best in fanless configuration with low power boards. Intel Atom or AMD Fusion boards are ideal candidates but you may get succesfull with other boards too. Few other things to keep in mind:

  • make sure you do not exceed the rated power of PSU.
  • keep in mind, that clearance for the CPU heatsink is about 38mm or 1.5", so plan accordingly when choosing cooling solution for the CPU.

What boards are know to be compatible with the the Class-E™ 211 Mini-ITX enclosure?

There are several board + hard drive combinations that have been successfully used with the enclosure:

Motherboard CPU PSU Hard Drive Certifications Comment
Retail boards
Asus AT3IONT-I (non-deluxe version) Intel Atom 330 PicoPSU-120 WD10EURS  - "deluxe" version of the board is incompatible !!!
MSI MS-7698 (E350IA-E45 and E350IS-E45) AMD APU E-350 PicoPSU-120 WD10EURS  - Require additional P4-ATX lead
Industrial boards
Advantech AIMB-223 AMD APU G-Series None WD20EURS Certification Marks  
Advantech AIMB-214 Intel Atom 2700 None WD20EURS  -